21 Take Aways from Vision Keepers Economic Growth Sub Committee

21 Take Aways from Vision Keepers Economic Growth Sub Committee


21 Takeaways from Vision Keepers Economic Growth Sub Committee
by William Jackson,
Volunteer and Community Activist

Economic development involves fulfilling your dreams through education and networking. You cannot allow fear and other peoples expectations to dictate your journey. If you are serious about your success act on it. Develop your plan and execute it. You must make a declaration and take full responsibility for your life and hold yourself accountable. Work to make your dreams a reality. Never give up on your dreams and address challenges that you face, there are always answers. These are take-aways from the recent Vision Keepers Economic Growth Sub Committee

1. Networking is still important for business success and exposure never underestimate it.

2. Your Social Media profile should represent your mission and vision statements for your business.

3. Separate your personal and professional Social Media platforms to minimize confusion.

4. Remember what you say on your personal sites can reflect on your business ethics and values. When you are successful in business you may have to sacrifice personal invisibility.

5. Don’t always rely on SEO for exposure WOM – Word of Mouth is still valuable and can make or break a business.

6. Business owners should be seen volunteering in their communities, sponsoring events and even attending cultural/civic events. Stay active and engaged throughout the community.

7. Always have your business cards available even when going into the grocery store or gas station, even the mall may have unseen opportunities. You never know who you meet. Have your business “pitch” memorized and ready you may be asked at the most inappropriate time.

8. If your an introvert do extrovert things. Get out of your “box” and expand your network.

9. Volunteer to speak at business events, meetups, and cultural events. Your the expert of your business, always act that way.

10. Use your Social Media platforms to collaborate not just compete.

11. Join the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau and other consumer groups. Serve on several boards and committees.

12. Have a Social Media plan and a Social Media mission, allocate time to monitor your stats,
data and analytics. Use this data to manage your digital impact.

13. Use a graphic artist to design your logo, visual appearance is everything. First impressions digitally do matter.

14. Get your domain name, register for a fictitious name and consider copyrighting your name and logo.

15. Before you bring family and friends in your business make sure they respect your vision and passion for your business. Make sure everyone has a role and does their job and does not use family relationship matters to do what they want to do.

16. Take business classes, workshops and attend conferences and seminars. Most of these can be written off on taxes as business expenses. Check with your accountant.

17. When possible obtain an intern that is interested in your area of business. Give back in knowledge and support diversity in business.

18. Have a 5 yr, 10 yr and 15 yr plan of growth for your business.

19. Integrate diverse technologies, Apps, tools and platforms to advertise and enhance your business.

20. Be authentic and genuine in what you do.

21. Google search and Hash tag yourself and your business to see digitally what is on the web about your business and yourself so you can address issues.

New Town Success Zone and Vision Keepers
George Maxey, Executive Director
The Center for the Prevention in Health
Disparities at Edward Waters College
1401 Grunthal Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32209

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William graduated from #SouthCarolinaStateUniversity earning a Bachelor’s in #Education, he furthered his education, earning a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Webster University with a focus on Educational Technology, #SocialMedia and #STEM. William’s career involves teaching with #NASA throughout the 90’s, technology consultant with the Florida Department of Education early 2000’s and currently Professor with #EdwardWatersCollege (2004 to present) teaching Educational Technology, Social Media and STEM. Over 25 yrs in public education teaching Physical Education and #Technology, on the elementary level. William is a 4th generation educator. An instructor in the Call Me Mister Program at Edward Waters College.

William is not only an educator, but he is a Social Media consultant, presenter on STEM/#STEAM, Bullying and Cyberbullying, Internet Safety and his passion #Blogging and #Writing. William keeps active in the Jacksonville community involved in Mentoring Programs for youth, teens and young adults. Mentoring and guiding teens and young adults. The focus of the writings: Technology in Education, The engagement of STEM and STEAM, Bullying, Internet Safety, Social Media, Suicide Prevention, empowering fathers and parenting issues are just a few of his blogs.