Preventing Bullying with Education and Building Self-Esteem

Preventing Bullying with Education and Building Self-Esteem


Preventing Bullying with Education and
Building Self-Esteem
by William Jackson, My Quest To Teach
Contributions from Dr. Laura Lane
The statistics continue to grow as more reporting
of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, and violence
have appeared to take hold of schools and even
Bullying is not just a local issue it affects school
age children locally and nationally. The def. is
that bullying is continuous, targeted, and in
some cases planned and executed. for more information.
Through the vision of Dr. Laura Lane of Mental
Health America of Northeast Florida and
partnerships with Boys and Girls Club of
Northeast Florida; the teaching, mentoring,
and passion to service children.
Strong collaboration with professionals in
education, public service and even not for
profit entities the goal is to create a program
to change the mindset and culture of bullying.
The developing culture of bullying, low
self-esteem and respect is a developing issue
that teachers and administrators are addressing
with different strategies. Unfortunately the
climate of schools is changing for students that
suffer depression, fear, lack of self-confidence,
peer pressure and violence changes the
atmosphere of schools and classrooms.
These dedicated and passionate individuals
share the goals to create positive change and
apply their knowledge and resources to help
children not just over-come and prevent
bullying, but to build self-esteem, self-respect,
understand the relevance of education and
community service.
Through these efforts up to 25 boys and girls
from elementary to middle school age were
engaged in learning opportunities that
empowered them to prepare for life in
ways that many students lack. The lack of
exposure creates a vacuum in behavior norms
and actions. That can be seen in grades,
discipline referrals and school attendance.
Boys and girls interpret bullying differently,
they see different results in how it affects
them mentally, emotionally and even on
a spiritual level. Self-perception,
self-respect, and self-motivation is
influenced by bullying,
peer pressure, and even media influences.
Opportunities that Dr. Lane is providing
need to be available in a broader spectrum
to teach skills that are lacking, but needed.
The state legislature is recognizing
the intrusiveness of bullying because parents
will be provided opportunities to move
their children to other schools if the student
is bullied and harassed by the guidelines
set in the various laws that have been passed.
The seriousness and urgency is seen by
suicides that have been tried and those
that are unfortunately successful in the
deaths of children that should be happy
with life and filled with discovery, exploration
and adventure in living. Florida legislation
is working towards a proposal that would
allow students who are bullied or suffer
violence to transfer to other public schools
or to receive money to attend
private schools.
These and more are proposals to address the
repercussions, but not the causes of bullying.
The push is on by state and federal
government to make changes to how bullying
and other forms of harassment are handled.
Educators, administrators and parents are
still encouraged to work together.
To collaborate and communicate the expectations
for appropriate behaviors that foster growth and
The efforts of these individual working together
have made changes.
Dr. Laura Lane, Chief Operating Officer
Mental Health America of Northeast Florida
* William Jackson, M.Ed.
Educator, Community Activist, Blogger
*Taurean Sinclair, Year Up FSCJ
* Kristin Murray, Care Manager
Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center
* Traci Zamor, School Counselor DCPS
* Ms. Hill Director Boys and Girls Club
Arlington Community Academy


*Mental Health America of Northeast
Florida Bullying Prevention Resources
* Republican lawmakers want to allow
bullied Florida students to transfer schools
*Stop Bullying Gov
*Duval County Public Schools – Bullying Information
*Bullying / Cyber-bulling / Harassment

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