Take-Aways from Edcamp Tampa Bay 2017

Take-Aways from Edcamp Tampa Bay 2017


Take-Aways from Edcamp Tampa Bay 2017
William Jackson, EdCamp Participant, Organizer and Advocate
#MyQuestToTeach #EdCampDuval in 2018
EdCamps are wonderful opportunities for educators of all backgrounds,
years of experience and even national or global location.
Sharing best practices, classroom management strategies,
how to build student and teacher relationships, reinforcing
rituals and routines to create wonderful learning
opportunities. The success of the classroom begins
with a welcoming atmosphere and a rich learning
environment that stirs the senses of curiosity, discover
and exploration.
The important strategy that has been shared in this and
other EdCamp adventures is that teachers must establish
a relationship with their students built on how valuable
the student(s) are, that they are welcomed in schools
and in classrooms. There are high expectations for
student success and learning can be fun and relevant.
Educators are available to help students to grow past
their self-perceived limitations and there are no limits
to learning.
Many times teachers are rushed into just teaching,
teaching cannot be effective if the student and teacher
do not establish a relationship that is based on a level
of trust and respect.
Too many parents do not see the value of the
teacher and parent relationship. The opportunity
for parents to support their child’s development
with a working relationship with teachers, not a
volatile and aggressive relationship, but a
relationship that puts the child first and collaboration
with parents and teachers.
Students need to know that their teacher cares
about their success no matter their socio-economic
status, no matter their citizenship and no matter
their cultural or ethnic background.
EdCamps provide relevant professional develop-
ment that allows teachers to speak freely and
share their wisdom and knowledge.
1. Teachers are change agents and agents of change
that influence this country and the world. No other
profession has such a responsibility and are help to
high standards.
2. Teachers are the second influences of accepting
and respecting diversity, parents are first. The
influence of teachers are phenomenal and has
generational consequences.
3. Teachers model cultural and gender acceptance.
Every student deserves to be treated with respect
and taught about the importance of what respect is
and how it is earned.
Preparing students beyond the classroom and being
ready for careers.
4. Teachers are moral compasses for communities
and cities. The acceptance or rejection of behaviors
that are socially displayed in the classrooms are
guided by professional educators.
5. Teachers are entrepreneurs by profession and
natural selection. Managing time and resources
teaching these to students.
6. Teachers are thought leaders and cognitive inno-
vators. There is creativity and discipline involved
when teaching students that are unaware of their
7. Teachers are literature influencers and grammatical
peddlers of proper language development.
8. Teachers have the patience of Job and the wisdom
of David in an educational application.
9. Teachers are like JEDI using both old and new
tech and techniques to influence and build minds
of students of all ages.
10. Teachers are ahead of their times because of
their innovative thinking and society sometimes
must catch-up with their creative natures.
11. Teachers are like the wise men and women of
the world, full of wisdom, knowledge and vision,
but when people finally seek their knowledge
people still want to tell teachers what to do
and how to think.
12. Teacher are leaders even if we don’t want
to be.
13. Teachers can influence neighborhoods and
communities. They influence engagement and
14. Teachers are like the U.S. Marines.
A family based on respect, brother and sister-
hood. Through fire and ice, and increasingly
through combat that is physical, mental,
emotional and moral.
15. Teachers are “first responders” in building,
guiding, and strengthening humanity.
16. Teachers have multiple certifications:
CPR, academic certifications, leadership, and
others. Teachers are even trained as first
responders for student potential mental illness
and abuse situations.
17. Many teachers have more professional
certifications than the President of the
United States.
18. Teachers are generationally diverse and
gender acceptable. Teachers must teach every
student and look past their personal opinions
to make sure all students are successful.
19. Teachers are responsible for their own
professional development, their professional
growth and development.
20. Teachers are the life blood of this country’s
ability to compete globally.
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William graduated from #SouthCarolinaStateUniversity earning a Bachelor’s in #Education, he furthered his education, earning a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Webster University with a focus on Educational Technology, #SocialMedia and #STEM. William’s career involves teaching with #NASA throughout the 90’s, technology consultant with the Florida Department of Education early 2000’s and currently Professor with #EdwardWatersCollege (2004 to present) teaching Educational Technology, Social Media and STEM. Over 25 yrs in public education teaching Physical Education and #Technology, on the elementary level. William is a 4th generation educator. An instructor in the Call Me Mister Program at Edward Waters College.

William is not only an educator, but he is a Social Media consultant, presenter on STEM/#STEAM, Bullying and Cyberbullying, Internet Safety and his passion #Blogging and #Writing. William keeps active in the Jacksonville community involved in Mentoring Programs for youth, teens and young adults. Mentoring and guiding teens and young adults. The focus of the writings: Technology in Education, The engagement of STEM and STEAM, Bullying, Internet Safety, Social Media, Suicide Prevention, empowering fathers and parenting issues are just a few of his blogs.